Croatian Wild Flowers Gallery

Below is Croatian Wild Flowers Gallery. All photo shots were taken in Croatia (Mediterranean region). All photos are copyrighted.

The flowers sorted by color are available hear.

(click on any below image to increase the size and get more data)


  1. Andy Hallsworth

    Excellent photographs and a great source of both reference and inspiration.

  2. Thank you for these beautiful pictures. We are from Australia and have been exploring around the Konavle area in the last few days, looking with interest at all the flowers and herbs growing in the country side. You have identified many of the plants we have seen.

  3. amazing photos. This page inspired us to spend hours in the hills ! Hvala !

  4. Thank you for the provided data about Patterson’s Curse in Australia. Could be the same, Blueweed (Echium vulgare) in Croatia is a plant requiring little water too.

  5. Derina McLaughlin

    The blueweed looks like what we call Patterson’s Curse in Australia – a weed. Used to be called Salvation Jane and was imported as a cottage garden plant requiring little water. Now it is endemic in southern pastures

  6. Thank you very much! I entered Orchis militaris. Regards!

  7. The photo of Dactylorhriza maculata is wrongly named. It is Orchis militaris !

    Your photos are very good !

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