Birdwatching in Croatia

Birdwatching in Croatia is very interesting throughout the year. 390 bird species has been reported in Croatia. Between them 245 species has been reported as a breeding. Before first birdwatching trip in Croatia it’s a must to know few facts about migration and birds’ habitats in Croatia.

Birds migration

Croatia is a small country located in the south of Europe. Most of the eastern Adriatic Sea coast belongs to Croatia. One of the bird migration routes from northern and central Europe is placed along Croatia. During the migration, the birds avoid high altitudes of Alps and Dinarides mountains. Their route across Croatia to the south is one of the shortest in Europe.

Birdwatching in Croatia - the autumn birds migration route along the Croatia.

The map of birds migration in Croatia during fall

Frequently during spring migration to the north, while bad weather is on continent, birds often use the coastal area as an important resting place until the weather improves. Keeping them for a week or even more, allows to watch more bird species and take bird pictures more easily too. Continue reading

Croatian Birds Gallery

Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) in flight. Bjeloglavi sup u letu.

Below is Croatian Birds Gallery including the photos mostly taken in Croatia. The photos have been taken from 2008 to now. To get more data about locations of the photos please consider Photographing birds in Croatia.

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The List of Croatian Birds

Below list of Croatian Birds includes ‘sort table’ function and links to the photos of birds. The list of Croatian Birds is based on collected  and already published data from Croatian Ornithological Society including my minor changes.

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